What is Fly?

Fly is a company set up by people sharing the same passion and love for adrenaline and freedom. We are offering flyboarding lessons and professional event service.


Our team consists of highly experienced trainers and people responsible for recording the extraordinary feelings related to flyboard. in the highest quality

Is flyboard safe?

Above all flyboard is an extreme sport, but is 100% safe with assistance of qualified trainer. We ensure the safety of our participants and spectators. Our customers are equipped with the highest quality life jackets and helmets.

Learning to fly

One of our main aims is to is to share our passion, which inspired us. We teach people how to fly on the equipment ZAPATA RACING which we also distribute. In our range of products we can offer 3 different flying devices: flyboard, hoverboard and jetpack. Each one of those is different and delivers unforgettable experience.





What is a heroes programme?

In cooperation with a company, which supplies us exclusively with costumes and armors known from movies and comic books, we deliver Heroes programme. Have you ever dreamt about becoming Ironman, Darth Vader or Goblin(Hob czy Green?) Now it is possible, fulfill your childhood/teenage dream with us!

Event service

Our performance is above all great fun and stunning experience. Our event service consist of sensational shows on flyboard, accompanied by breathtaking lightshows and spectacular costumes, well known from Hollywood blockbusters. Moreover our service provides professional multimedia assistance with the help of the newest recording tech innovations. Thanks to our drones equipped with 4k cameras, we can take footage of every show










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